Akash-All-In-One Multi-code scanning System


Propix has two variants of Parent Child Aggregation system (I) bottom side camera (II) top side camera. Its basic function is to scan multiple 2D codes at a time. The System has offline/ online process. The bundles are placed on scanning surface and trigger/limit switch is pressed, then the camera captures the image. On scanning, pre-defined number of bundles next level label is generated from thermal label printer. This System is integrated with Propix Level 2 Client application.

Product Features
    • 17” Touch screen IPC with user-friendly multilingual user interface
    • No camera adjustment required to scan codes at various heights
    • Ergonomic design as per Industrial Standards
    • Robust 1D / 2D code algorithm to decode mulple codes in a single scan
    • Auto triggering along with manual trigger option
    • High-resolution camera (20 Megapixels) suitable for decoding even 8 x 8 mm 2D codes
    • State of the art reflection-free illumination ensures mulple 1D / 2D code decoding under shrink film and such other glossy surface
    • Quick product changeover
    • Simple and easy to operate
    • A ball-bearing platform for easy movement of heavy products
    • Adjustable guides for variable packing size to ensure correct positioning of the product
    • High-speed processor for faster code reading and data processing
    • Optional built-in 4” thermal label printer to generate ‘Intermediate level’ label
    • Optional handheld scanner for aggregation label scanning and rework
    • 4 user levels & role management – Administrator, Supervisor, Operator & QA
    • Meets 21 CFR Part 11 & GAMP compliance
    • Overall machine dimensions (mm): 842 L, 948 W, 2128 H

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