Sooxma – Pinhole Detection System


Medicines and their magic are a boon to us today. But as miraculous as they are, a slight hitch or mistake at any stage could be fatal so the packaging of these medicines is done very carefully. Usually, the tablets are packed in blister packs or Alu-Alu packs. These packs are made of aluminum foils.
A minute puncture/pin hole in the aluminum foil causes leakage in the pack. This leakage results into oxidation of the medicine which is very dangerous.
Sooxma system is state of art development by Propix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for quality assurance on pharmaceutical packing lines through the automatic detection of pinpoint hole, micro fissures and micro pores which may occur on aluminum blister packs during their forming or lamination process and usually impossible to be seen by human eyes.
‘Sooxma’ detects these holes online. A compact device is installed on the blister-pack machine. Any pinhole in the foil that could cause air leakage is detected and an error signal is delivered to the machine.
The defective blister is rejected by the machine. In case, the machine PLC is not capable of carrying out the ejection based on the signal from Sooxma, Sooxma is equipped with the ‘Shift Register’ mechanism to eject the defective blister at the eject station. The whole system is online and so do not involve any additional operation. Thus, it eliminates one of major causes of leak in the blister.

Product Features
    • Compact & sleek design to fit in all types of blister packing machines (Intermediate / Continuous Type)
    • High contrast compact OLED graphics display with 4-keys tactile keyboard – First in class
    • IR optical technology for online microhole detection up to 10 μm in aluminium foil
    • Inspects contoured forms as well flat surface
    • Intelligent software reduces teaching time
    • High-speed inspection can detect pinhole at 30 m/min
    • Maintains hole-detect count
    • Different setting options available as per user requirements
      • Sensitivity levels to set the microhole size to be detected – First in Class
      • Digital adjustment for sensing area based on the width of the foil – First in Class
      • Calendar year – First in Class
    • RS232-communication with PC interface
    • Password protected setting access
    • Run-time diagnostics using a view-value option
    • 24VDC output signals
      • SOOXMA ready signal
      • Solid state ‘Bad’ output on receipt of ‘Pinhole’
      • Interlock with machine PLC
      • Buzzer
      • One extra general purpose output
      • Optional blister rejection unit with rejection verification sensor
    • Min power consumption: 10 Watt
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