TE 5000


TE 5000 is a universal code reading system designed and produced by SysTec GmbH, Riedstadt, Germany. It reads and processes all types of codes printed on packaging materials.

Product Features

  • TE 5000 has been specifically developed to meet the high quality and traceability requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. It is able to read and process all usual code types (all kinds of 1D codes, Pharmacode and 2D codes).
  • TE 5000 works with sensors with serial interface as well as with sensors with Ethernet connection.
  • The system allows a compilation of all product data (product statistics: total, good, bad for all sensors).
  • TE 5000 conforms to CFR 21 Part 11.
  • The system is protected by a password, every user has determined user rights, given by the administrator.
  • All activities of the users are recorded in a log file and can be reviewed.
  • Important information can be saved by the administrator on an external storage medium and be printed (product data, sensor parameters, batch reports, etc.).
  • All product batches, which are processed by the packaging machine are saved and can be stored for up to 10 years (Batch Recorder). So, the system guarantees an almost unlimited complete archiving of the products processed for packaging.
  • The sensors’ setting is made easier thanks to a compilation of the default parameters based on customer-specific requirements.
  • TE 5000 can be equipped with well proven scanning heads like S100, as well as with the most modern Datamatrix Code reading sensors.
  • The Windows-based HMI allows an intuitive, user-friendly handling of the system.
  • The system is equipped with a modern PLC unit. It can replace old systems, in which the processing of the results is integrated to the code
  • reading system, as well as new systems, in which the processing of the results is done by the machine control.
  • The use of common standard sensors from notable manufacturers guarantees a shorter delivery time for spare parts and minimize the storage.
  • All code reader systems from SysTec (TE 2000 with sensors S100, and CLV 2XX, 3XX and 2 D code reader MAC 244) can be used with the new control unit. In case of upgrading from TE 2000 to TE 5000, only the control unit must be changed. So, the machine is available again in a very short time.
  • A restoration of the system with the traditional software is also possible in a very short time.
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