We have invented the magnificent system i.e. Chatoor. ‘Dragonfly’ is known as ‘Chatoor’ in Marathi language. So, just like the dragonfly, Propix’s Chatoor has 360-degree vision.

Product Features
    • 15” Touch screen IPC with user-friendly multilingual user interface
    • 360° 2D code decoding with single-camera regardless of container orientation
    • High-resolution camera easily decodes min 8 x 8 mm 2D code
    • Reflection free illumination ensure 2D code decoding on a glossy surfaces
    • No need to adjust the camera for the diameter range of 32 mm to 90 mm of the Container
    • No need to adjust the height of camera up to 40 mm variation in positioning of 2D Code
    • Motorised adjustment with push-button for camera height adjustment (beyond 40 mm)
    • Robust 2D code algorithm to decode codes on curved surfaces in a single scan
    • Meets 21 CFR Part 11 & GAMP compliance
    • Traffic management system to maintain an equal gap between the boles
    • System can be used either for fix / variable / 2D code decoding or container to bundle / shipper aggregation
    • Optional outsert inspection camera for
    • Presence / Absence inspection
    • Pharmacode inspection
    • Serialized 2D code paring for bundle / shipper
    • Optional diverter system for manual aggregation packaging process on a high-speed production line
    • Unique built-in ejection unit ejects the delicate container without any damage
    • Rejection bin full sensor for rejection bin
    • Various interlocks like eject verification fail, low air pressure, etc.
    • Suitable for product size (mm): 32-90 Diameter, 60-180 Height
    • Overall machine dimensions (mm): 920 L, 633 W, 1652 H
    • CE Certified


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